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How to write the perfect email and increase your conversions with Email Marketing.

How to write the perfect email

Welcome, everyone. I’m Anil from Sobo Solutions

So what we’re going to cover here is simple, we are going to see how to write the perfect email. So I will show you a real case example in this video, and I’ll explain a simple rule to follow. When you write any email, I will try my best to make things so simple in this couple of minutes. So let’s not waste time and start together. So what are the rules that are going to cover in this video to ride the message to lie the body of the email simply it is the TCPRS rule.



3.Personal connect


5.Social proof

Oh, it’s somehow long. Don’t be confused. It’s so simple. So what is deep simply? It is the target. The first thing you need to do is to set the target. It’s very important, So in our case, I will write an email to email marketers. So my target is email marketers. Now it’s also better to dissect and segment your lists more so it can promote to cold email marketers, to bulk mailers, to those who are beginners in email marketing, to those who are professionals in email marketing. So you can segment your lists more and more, but I don’t want to make now things complicated. Let’s say our target is email marketers. So number one set the target so simple. Now we to set the subject line, okay, what is my subject line?

In my case, I will be sending a message to promote email marketing Packages and boost conversions through email marketing. I will use this subject line – Email marketer, Want to boost your conversions

The subject line

The first step, as I told you, simply to test it. So up in this simple website ( Check Your Subject Line Here ), that’s your subject line and awesome. It’s 90 points. So my subject line is awesome.

Now we need to follow the rule. What’s the second part of the road. See? This means the call out. the call-out is also very, very important. It’s like the subject line. You need to catch attention. It’s the first line in the message. If it’s boring, if it’s not grabbing attention, they will leave a message.

They will not continue reading and they will not click on any links. So to increase, click-through rates, you need to write the perfect call out. It’s the first sentence in the message. So it’s the call out. We need to catch attention and tell them what they will get from this email. In my example, I told you, I am targeting email marketers promoting mine. You course, of course, after you say, Hey, or like, his name, whatever, I will use this. Call out – all you struggling in growing your email lists and increasing crusades with email marketing. It’s directly telling them that if they are email marketers and you know, they are, and they are struggling in building email lists and getting more conversions and sales through email marketing, then continue reading. So if your target is correct, they will definitely continue reading. You catch their attention by this statement.

Another example, if you are targeting New YouTubers, we can say all you’re struggling with getting more views and subscribers on YouTube. Of course, he would read the message because he wants more views. He wants more subscribers. All the examples I’m concentrating on this because it’s really very important. The call-out is very important.

All the examples don’t mean to waste your time.

If you are an online business owner who wants to send high-converting marketing emails to her /Her audience, then feel free to send this email to the trash. So he all targeting online business owners who want to increase sales, writing the perfect email. So please focus on this spot. The call-out is very important, right? Something that catches attention and tells them what you are going to get from this email. So there’s my example. I remove this now because this is my target now, and this is my code out.


Personal connect

So I finished the call out. What’s next? The P what is the P it’s the personal connect. Here, you need to show some emotions. So contact personally with them an example, in my case, just like you, five years ago, I almost felt that my online business is failing. I didn’t know how and where to get leads, how to write a perfect email, that comforts. I feel your pain with this small emoji. This shows somehow a personal contact with the user. So this somehow will stimulate his emotions to continue reading the message. So this is the second thing that you have to follow on the road, personal conduct. And this is what we mentioned here. That’s P, then we have a, what is an authority? So now we finished the target, the call out the personal connect. Then we go to the authority. What is authority?

You need to show authority. You show them that we can help them. Let’s give an example. I got to paste it. But now Many years of patients, research, testing, and hard work, I have more than 100 Leads per month and counting. So there’s somehow give authority for the user. I have 100 Genuine leads. This is really big. So give something that allows them to trust you. Of course, here, I cannot cover a full copywriting course. I want to give you the main rules, the main ideas. So you can write a perfect email. And there’s a direct example that you can maybe alter(As per your requirement) and change it to fit your business. Just understand the concepts. So now we give authority. Very nice. We have the call-out. We have personal contact. We have the authority. Now we have, or what is our reciprocity(exchanging things with others for mutual benefit)

You need to make them feel that you all use something. What you are going to give them. What is the solution? Simply look at this. That’s why I’m giving away a Free Digital Marketing Audit for your organization – Visit our site and connect with us. Thank you.

Now you may tell me I’m not giving this for free. I want to sell it very nicely. Let’s remove this statement and use this one. You can call me stupid, but I’m giving away a flat 25% Discount on all Services. we wanted to give it away for less. But my team doesn’t allow me to sell it below. Is this, wow. This also really a psychological trick that makes them feel that you owe them something you are giving it at takeaway prices. Also, I will add this statement to play with emotions. So for that, I decided also to give all the tools that I use for free.

When you book, let me know if you want that after you use our services, wow, you are giving more value, more free stuff, letting them feel that you all them something very nice. Don’t just say, get my Product now for the scan this strict way. No, let them feel that you owe them something very nice. And now the last thing is social proof. This is also very important. What you are going to do is to add some social proof, using screenshots, using images. In my case, I can go as an example to you dummy and grab one of my five stars reviews. I have a lot of them. You can see how many pages, five stars reviews I have. I can just copy one of these reviews and paste them. Or I can go to my website, grab a review from here, a screenshot, or even from my Facebook page, let’s do this. I will open the snipping tool and windows, and I will snap this image here. You can see it or this like this and save it on my desktop.

Call to action

Now you may tell me, Hey, you forgot to add the line, the action, whether you were pressed. Of course, we can simply here at a button, click here to check it, or access the services or whatever at the link at the button. Anyway, whatever you write here, he will click because you convinced him on what you are going to give. Also, you may be sending a cold email with no links, so you are waiting for his reply.

So you say only please reply if you’re interested or whatever. So he will reply back to you and then he can open a business for him or send him the links and so on. So there’s the easiest method I think, to write the best or the perfect email address that TCPRS to sum up the set, the target, see the call out to catch attention, be personal connect to simulate emotions. Then a build, give authority or reciprocity. Let them feed that they, they all use something and as give an image, a social proof from other people, what are people saying about your stuff?


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