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How to Keep Your Emails Out of the Gmail Promotions Tab

Gmail Promotions Tab - Why & How to Inbox it?

Gmail Promotions Tab – Why & How to Inbox it?

This WhatApp message got me to rethink.


Would there be anyone at all who could boldly say that?
Let’s get to the bottom of things to understand the logic clearly.

Why priority inbox? Why not ask the creators, why it’s awesome?
Watch this video from Google explaining why its important for consumers to organize emails.

Now that’s a wonderful way to manage/sort/organize emails easily, but how would Google understand my personal preferences? How would it know what type, categories of emails I prefer to open, delete & engage?

I’m not sure, if you know somebody or an agency who can break-into all the gmail users accounts and change these preferences to reach all email into Primary folder. Do you? If yes, let me know? 🙂

What else can one do, to make it to the INBOX and not the other compartments.

# Audience Segmentation: Get to know your customers better. Allow them to choose the type of content they prefer to read. Reason-out why they are on your mailing list: To receive special discounts, coupons, offers, Industry updates or because they are brand loyal. Get to know them! You get this right, then you will automatically get better engagement.

# Engagement: If you get the above right, you will see spontaneously responses in opens, clicks, replies and strengthening your communication on both ends. Customers are happy to receive relevant content and Gmail is happy, that their customers are satisfied. Since the engagement is very high, Gmail has no choice but to let your emails into the primary folder.

# Ask: Let your customers know your challenges and ASK them to help you, to help them.(What’s in it for me). Get them to add your from email ID into their address book. Allowing the system to recognize you as known, approved sender.

# Help: Not all are happy with Gmail tabs. Some continue to complain, some don’t what to do with it and some have chosen to deactivate it. Help your subscribers to understand how to remove or deactivate those tabs. You’ll be surprised to see how many happily implement it. And there’s no harm in trying, isn’t it?

# Message type: Try a semi-html campaign. It’s not 100% text and nor is it 100% HTML. One pixel tracking code and the rest is all plain text. Works brilliantly in getting your message across directly to the INBOX. There are tools to trigger such emails in small quantity. MailShakeYesware and couple of other service providers allow you to easy send emails, schedule follow-up(drip messages) track OPENS, CLICKS, REPLIES & RESPOND(status) Mailshake is currently offering a life-time use for just $39 through AppSumo.(This deal is expired now)

# Do it right: Setting up your mailing account right increases possibilities of Inbox placement. When working with email service provider like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact and similar companies ensure these configurations are done before executing campaigns. If we don’t then they normally ride on the ESP’s email ID.

# Content: How would you classify your email based on your content? Does it have promotional material, words like offers, discounts, free etc. Do a quick check of your content and know where you’re likely to expect its arrival?

Forward a copy of your content to the above mentioned email and check in prior to see where it’s likely to land.

Should one be overly concerned about priority inbox? Has is it done any good to the marketers?

Analytics convey mixed reactions, some industries have seen improved engagement, delivery, open & click rates. Whereas the rest have seen an irregular pattern in delivery, open & click rates. You may access the complete report from Return Path.

# % of read rates through smart devices have gone up.
# Smart phones, Android, iPhone & Windows carry native apps to configure emails and none of them have ways to differentiate email(Gmail Tabs). Hence all emails on smart devices land-up into the Inbox.

Considering the above facts, we still see a lot of control in the hands of marketers to get doing the right setup, audience segmentation, content, validation checks to ensure email safely arrive at the right airport(inbox).

Do you also think the same? Let us know, what you do to improve email placements.

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