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How Businesses Should Approach Digital Marketing.

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I am writing this for B2B medium and Small Organisations as a Guide to

How they can approach Digital marketing for their Business…

Marketing Consists of 4P’s

  1. Product

  2. Place

  3. Price

  4. Promotion ( Digital marketing takes Care of Promotions)


This Will Help you Decide what budget you should allocate to your Digital Marketing Activities and the most important thing 1st you should have the rest of the things 3P’s (Product, Place, and Price) in Place to go for Promotion.
Till This Point you should be able to answer do you need Digital Marketing or should you still focus on 1st 3P’s then look for promotions.

Once this is answered you should decide on the budget to be allocated for digital marketing.

Points to keep in Mind while Going for Digital Marketing
  1. Digital Marketing is not an Overnight Success
  2. Digital Marketing is not Cheap or fast (Yes it is Cheaper when Compared to Traditional marketing)
  3. Consistency is a key – If you start Digital Marketing you should be consistent with it of all your gains will Be lost
  4. Get the basics right.

What Should Be the Roadmap for Digital marketing?
I’ll Shart Here with Scratch, The first thing you should have is a website

What a website Should include? DO’s and Dont’s Of a website…

  1. A website should be Dynamic(Not Static)this will help you Edit details and upgrade Content as we all Know “CONTENT IS A KING” in Digital Marketing.
  2. It should have Analytics- Tracking of the activities is a must for any digital marketing Activity
  3. It should have a Lead form where you can collect data
  4. Google Tag Manager + Facebook Pixels ( This will help To Retarget Your Visitors on Cross Platforms)
  5. A good Hosting
  6. SEO Express Website (It should Be SEO Friendly- You should be able to Write Meta Tags to Improve the SEO Rankings)


These Are some Basics Once You are done with a Good Website you should work on Making it a Great website for your Business and SEO Plays a role Here.

What is SEO?

Seo Stands For Search Engine Optimization.
Google and Many other search Engine have 200+ factors Through which they decide Which Website should Rank on 1st page, once a search is been performed.
These Are Classified Into 3 Parts
  1. On-Page (Changes Made on the website)
  2. Off-page ( Changes made Outside own Website which Helps Bring traffic On our Website)
  3. Technical – This Consists of Solving Technical Errors on the website ( website Speed is the Major Part of this)


Social Media ….How Can Social media Help you grow your Business?

Social media Helps You in Creating perception About Your Brand and People Start talking and engaging with your Brand Through these Platforms, These won’t Give you Direct leads But would Make People Aware of your Products and Services which Will Make Brand A Top Priority When He is looking for Similar Products And Services Basically Increasing Your BRAND REACLLL VALUE. Anyways Being Social Always helps.

Once You have invested a year doing This You should add Other Digital Marketing Channels To your Armour They are 

  1. Search Engine Marketing

  2. Digital Ads(Display & Video)

  3. Email Marketing

  4. Social Media Marketing

  5. Inbound Marketing (LIfe Cycle Mails)

  6. Social Media Marketing.

Now Comes The Question Should this be done on Your Own Or Should it be Out Sources I’ll share the Details.

  1. Website (Outsourced)

  2. SEO ( Outsourced)

  3. SEM and Digital Ads ( Inbound Preferable Can Be outsources at Initial Stages)

  4. Social Media ( Outsourced in initial Stages)

  5. Inbound marketing ( Outsourced in initial Stages) later to be strictly done in-house.

Can We Help in Here?

A BIG YES Sobo Solutions is a digital marketing agency that can help you outsource your Digital Marketing Activities. We can help You With

  1. Website

  2. SEO

  3. Email Marketing

  4. Social media.

  5. Digital Marketing Consulting.

  6. ERP & Business Automation.

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